. GPU Schedulers: How Fair Is Fair Enough?. In CONCUR’18, 2018.

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. Automated Testing of Graphics Shader Compilers. In OOPSLA’17, 2017.

PDF On Multicore Group Website

. Cooperative Kernels: GPU Multitasking for Blocking Algorithms. In ESEC/FSE’17, Best Paper Award, 2017.

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Reconstruct distributed traces from send/receive causality

Distributed LNT Compiler

Generate a distributed implementation from the formal model of a concurrent program


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Since I started the postdoc at Imperial College, I have been actively involved in the mentoring of several students:

  • Hu “Gary” Guangyu, on cross-testing autotuning compilers and OpenCL drivers
  • Daniel Dean and Andrei Isaila, on a framework to detect security issues related to OpenGL renderings.
  • Stefan Cuturela, on automatic generation of OpenGL shaders


During my PhD, I was a teaching assistant for the following courses at ENSIMAG (top-rated French “Grande École”, part of the Grenoble Insitute of Technology):

  • Operating System and Concurrent Programming, 54h, Master 1 (Postgraduate)
  • Communication Networks, 36h, License 3 (Undergraduate)
  • Algorithms and Data Structures, 54h, License 3 (Undergraduate)